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Covid-19 Tests vs. Cases

This bar chart compares the number of new Covid-19 cases daily versus the number of tests daily, in Monroe County. Blue represents the number of Covid-19 cases daily. Red represents the number of tests daily. As testing increases the percentage positive decreases. As time goes on the positive test results approach then equal zero. This chart's from April 1st 2020 to May 1st 2020.

Monroe County Manipulates Data

Testing Shows Fewer Cases Found

This visually represents data manipulation utilized by Monroe county's executive and Dr. Mendoza to drive more panic and fear in Monroe County. Blue is the number of daily cases while red is the number of daily tests; as tests increase cases are still dropping. You are being DUPED !!!

Notice that as time progresses you see much more red and much less blue; as testing begins to DROWN OUT the numbers of cases being found...

This graph has a y-axis on both sides and the scale for tests is a factor of ten higher than that of the cases; so the only place where blue peaks out in the past week is on April 26th, the only day that cases exceeded (barely) 10%. The blue trend line represents the decline in actual cases, while the red trend line represents the increase in testing. More tests, fewer cases; we have no problem with Covid-19...

Only another low number of 8.8% positive. Based on New York's information about the 15,000 sample antibody testing, with Western NY having 6% positive, that makes nearly 45,000 cases in Monroe County. This comes out to a mortality rate of 0.28% (the flu is 0.10%) and hospitalization of less than 0.5% for our county. Such tiny numbers cannot justify keeping businesses closed...

The numbers are down to 6.2% today. Monroe County doesn't provide that much detail; just the colored map that approximates locations. 14609 is still the hot spot.

I haven't seen it yet but that is 3%; however, IL DUCE just made the requirement consecutive rolling 3 day averages of less than 15 cases daily. Testing will no doubt increase to keep the average over that ridiculously high (low) bar...

It looks like 40 cases out of 808 tests today; just under 5%. Monroe county's government and Mendoza are going to need to step up their game to find the other 25,000 - 35,000 cases in Monroe County; and they'll need to use antibody tests as most have probably already recovered...

Every piece of visual data Monroe County's executive and New York's government provide is tailored to look more frightening; or is accompanied by frightening commentary.

You are right on target; and it has always been about control. It is the reason that pulling the truth out of the data is made so difficult. The appearance of making effort without the reality...

Roughly; 46 out of 752 for 6.6%. The numbers are irrelevant. We can open everything up if we isolate those at risk. We don't even need social distancing...

It helps in demonstrating that New York and Monroe county's government reject the Federal guidelines which we passed about one month ago in preference for their terrified population approach of demanding a ridiculous level of testing and reduction in cases over our economy. I am hoping that the Federal government lets New York stew in his own juices with his hand held out whining about how "it is so unfair".

Coronavirus Record Chart


This Website includes a set of pages with Covid 19 virus maps, graphs, charts or diagrams. Most of the data covers Corona Virus New York with a special focus on Monroe County.

One graphic includes a CDC corona virus chart. Another graphic includes corona virus deaths.


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