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Monroe County 3/17-5/6

Even going by the case numbers, which are easily manipluated by increased testing, the decline is still 3 weeks now. Three weeks of decline from 5/6/2020.

Monroe County Coronavirus Decline Graph

Chart Description

The horizontal axis represents dates beginning March 17th 2020 and ending May 6th 2020, in two day increments. The vertical axis represents the number of Covid-19 new positive cases found, in Monroe county, displayed in increments of ten.

The jagged blue line is the actual number of new cases, per each two day period. The red dotted line is the trend line. The number of positive new cases went up, then gradually down again, during the time presented here. The results are slightly skewed based on increased testing during this time frame. However on 3/19/2020 Monroe County registered less than 30 new cases. On 3/29/2020 Monroe County registered a little less than 60 new cases. On 5/6/2020 Monroe County registered about 30 new cases. The trend is clearly downward from the peak, despite increased testing.

Assuming the more testing, the closer the data represents the reality of Covid-19 cases, then most likely many more people had Covid-19 on the left side of the graph, because Monroe County tested fewer people. If this is the case, then Monroe County was perhaps a month past the peak of the curve on May sixth, 2020.


30 out of 370. Hopefully just a blip

Interesting that they would suddenly test so few (300 after averaging 800 per day for the last three) when New York's government is suggesting that our region has met the criteria for reopening (believe it when I see it). Is the Monroe county executive afraid and trying to apply the brakes? Little matter as it is still under 10% and we still have been decreasing for over six weeks now. We are well past the Federal guidelines for reopening. We had to meet the additional requirements of the self-admitted control freak of control freaks (New York's government).

34 out of 600

Under 6%...

80 in 1700. That's the most one day tests.

75 out of 1225. Percent creeping up a bit

No significant change.

90 out of 1100. Not good


75 out of 950. Bummer it's going in the wrong direction

It is still consistently under 10% even with the ridiculous increase in testing.

It was already known that there were many more cases out there. Based on the antibody study, there are probably at least 30K more positive cases out there.

45 out of 1,700? Maybe my math is bad.

40 out of 750

Less than 3% on Sunday and about 6% yesterday. They need to start doing antibody tests so they can find the tens of thousands who have already had it and recovered.

95 in 1400

Under 7% and even after Mendoza admitted they are trying specifically to test people with symptoms.

65 out of 700.

Is it bad to only test people with symptoms?

It isn't bad. It is simply stacking the deck. If they change their testing policies (and they have) but don't point out how it skews the data; that is DECEPTION.

80 out of 700

70 out of 2,000 ?

That would be 3.5% and continued reason to not worry.

50 out of negative 700? Someone's messing with the stats

It's the 10 year old they have running the page.

20 out of 1000.

Are you sure? How did you resolve the error which is also present in their document, along with another? The next page demonstrates the carelessness with which Monroe county reports Covid-19 numbers.

Coronavirus Record Chart


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