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Monroe County Dept. of Public Health Document

Compare this document copied from, Coronavirus Updates 5/23/2020, with the Monroe County Coronavirus Dashboard 5/23/2020. See an error in total cases reported to the public.

Inaccurate Numbers

Scroll down near the bottom of this official PDF. You can see the government reported an error in total cases between this PDF and the dashboard for the same day. Here we see 32,850 total cases. In the dashboard we see 32,580 total cases. Someone in our government doesn't report numbers to the public carefully. When lives, businesses, jobs and freedoms are at stake, every case matters. Yet here 270 cases didn't matter for just one county in New York.

Coronavirus Record Chart


This Website includes a set of pages with Covid 19 virus maps, graphs, charts or diagrams. Most of the data covers Corona Virus New York with a special focus on Monroe County.

One graphic includes a CDC corona virus chart. Another graphic includes corona virus deaths.


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Monroe County Lacks Accountability

The current daily dashboard's at Monroe County, NY COVID-19 Response. It's difficult finding past results in order to compare numbers, which would hold our government accountable (literally). Coronavirus Dashboard 5/23/2020 is a screen shot of the dashboard posted by the county on May 23rd, 2020.