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Risk Versus Mitigation

This bar chart illustrates New York versus Sweden's deaths as three day averages, per capita. The orange bars represent Sweden. The blue bars represent New York. The horizontal axis marks the date range from February 23, 2020 to May 6, 2020. The vertical axis marks the number of deaths.

The shape of the trendline curve for New York and Sweden appear similar. However Sweden's per capita death rate's highest value, at about 275, is much lower than New York's per capita highest death rate at nearly 800. The percentage of deaths was much lower for Sweden during this time range.

New York versus Sweden Coronavirus graph

Risk Based Quarantine

Sweden continues to demonstrate that RISK-BASED QUARANTINE is superior to MITIGATION as they have 4.5 times fewer deaths than New York State and their economy was NEVER closed. Even the younger children (up to high school) were able to continue going to class. Our youth is quickly falling behind as we steal money from their futures to save ourselves from a glorified flu.

Coronavirus Record Chart


This Website includes a set of pages with Covid 19 virus maps, graphs, charts or diagrams. Most of the data covers Corona Virus New York with a special focus on Monroe County.

One graphic includes a CDC corona virus chart. Another graphic includes corona virus deaths.


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