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Test to Case Ratio

This chart compares TESTS to Cases. The ratio is 10:1, so where the red line is above the blue bars, the results are over 10% positive and under 10% where the line crosses the bars. 5/5/2020 Tests were at their highest yet cases were still in the middle of the chart. If the virus was spreading then cases would go up with testing.

Coronavirus Graph Tests Versus Cases


Monroe County is now averaging nearly three times as many tests per day but still finding very few cases...

Testing more people is good as it gets us closer to the REAL NUMBERS but it also highlights how many fewer deaths there are in comparison to the number infected. Compare these numbers to those infected by the flu and one realizes how little the difference is between the two..

Interesting that they would suddenly test so few (300 after averaging 800 per day for the last three) when New York's administration is suggesting that our region has met the criteria for reopening (believe it when I see it). Is the Monroe county executive afraid and trying to apply the brakes? Little matter as it is still under 10% and we still have been decreasing for over six weeks now. We are well past the Federal guidelines for reopening. We had to meet the additional requirements of the self-admitted "control freak of control freaks" (New York's government).

Coronavirus Record Chart


This Website includes a set of pages with Covid 19 virus maps, graphs, charts or diagrams. Most of the data covers Corona Virus New York with a special focus on Monroe County.

One graphic includes a CDC corona virus chart. Another graphic includes corona virus deaths.


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